Two ways to major in Art

In order to accommodate optimum student learning, UCSB offers two different ways to major in the practice of art.  You can be an art major in the Department of Art (BA) in the College of Letters and Science, or at the College of Creative Studies (BA). There are many different ways to succeed as young artists in our programs.


Both majors are serious, challenging paths in which students are expected to develop a mature body of creative work by the time they graduate. We encourage students to take courses in each art program, exhibit their work in both student art galleries, and share ideas and resources.  Our excellent laboratory facilities reside mainly in the Dept. of Art building, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.


The Dept. of Art offers a structured program that guides students through beginning courses to advanced.  We offer a highly flexible, rigorous, and opportunity-filled program that includes our selective Honors Program, (a one year seminar, studio space, and final exhibition). The majority of art courses at UCSB take place in the Dept. of Art and include a full range of materials and subjects.  The genesis or our curricula derives from the idea that thinking and making are intertwined. Students who do not apply as art majors upon entering UCSB enter the major by taking 3 introductory courses successfully. For more on courses offered: (undergraduate courses). Many Art Department majors pursue a double major or minor in other Letters and Science academic departments very successfully.


The College of Creative Studies art program is designed for students who are prepared to work independently as artists from the start. CCS art students are admitted by portfolio review through the supplemental CCS application, attend smaller classes, work closely with faculty advisers, go through a rigorous mid-residency review process and stage a senior exhibition.  Most students have studio space by their sophomore year. Emphases include Spatial Arts/Sculpture, Painting, and Book Arts: (CCS Art)  If you apply to CCS and do not get in, your admission to UCSB allows you to start the major in the Dept. of Art if you list it as your second choice.


The two programs collaborate on many things.  Please check out our cohosted speaker series: the Colloquium 1C, open to the public, that features exciting artists from around the world and our own accomplished faculty: (Art Colloquium).