An experimental exhibition space
on the dashboard of a 2007 Ford Ranger
Organized by Alex Lukas
Santa Barbara, CA

AGENCY | URGENCY: Learning with the Global South A multi-platform program organized by artist and art alum, Tiffany Chung January – June 2021

Hosted by the Department of Art, UC Santa Barbara; sponsored by UC Multicampus Research Placemaking Initiative

Image: Tiffany Chung, World map: reconstructing an exodus history: flight routes from camps and of ODP cases 2017, embroidery on fabric, 140 x 350 cm.

AGENCY | URGENCY: Learning with the Global South is a multi-platform program organized by artist and UCSB Department of Art Alum, Tiffany Chung as an academic alternative in response to the current and urgent demand drawing upon the imagination and agency of artists in social and political change. U.S. museums and academic institutions are confronting their own complicity in systemic racial inequality and socio-economic discrepancy that are rooted deeply within their existing structures and institutional operations. The program will be conducted in multiple ‘insertion points’ over the winter and spring quarters of 2021 at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a series of thematic discussions and workshops to be facilitated by international guest artists and curators.

The Department of Art acknowledges the Chumash as the original inhabitants and custodians of the land on which our department was founded. We pay our respect to the Chumash community both past and present and to all of our relations. As a community for higher learning, we understand that knowledge and culture are collectively produced of all races, ethnicities, classes, genders, sexual orientations, and disabilities....

...We embrace our different backgrounds to create a respectful space where one may critique and challenge social, cultural, and physical borders to create meaningful artistic expressions. Disagreement is supported, even as we are mindful that certain identities are more privileged while others are often undermined and marginalized. We are committed to rethinking, reframing, and reconstructing art education as groundwork for building inclusive, energized, creative communities. Please see menu items including "About" for more information.

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