Contact Information



UCSB Department of Art
Building 534, Room 1316
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-7120



Laurie Monahan
Associate Professor
History of Art & Architecture
Affiliate Faculty, and HAA
Arts 1240



Christian Brown
AASC Finance & Budget Manager
(805) 893-3984
Arts 1248


Sandra Caceres
AASC Academic Services Manager


Suzanne Dougherty
Director, Arts Administrative Support Center
(805) 893-4444
Arts 1242


Catherine Jenks
Undergraduate Adviser
Art Undergraduate Advising Hours
Arts 1316


Megan Koth
Graduate Adviser
Arts 1318



Rowan Diioia
Woodshop Technician
(805) 455-0918
Arts 0246


Michelle Faust

Sculpture Technician

Arts 0637


Keisha Mrotek

Print Area, mStudio Lab, and Facilities Manager
Arts 2338


Joel Sherman
Director of Labs
Arts 1324


Troy Small
I.T. Manager

For student record inquiries dating back more than 15 years, please contact:


The Registrar ( and/or Matt Stahl (, archivist at UCSB Library’s University Archive.



Sarah Rosalena Brady

Assistant Professor, Computational Craft and Haptic Media
Undergraduate Diversity Officer
M.F.A., University of California Los Angeles


Jane Callister
Professor, Painting + Drawing/Intermedia
Arts 1348


Iman Djouini
Assistant Teaching Professor, Print, Book Arts and Intermedia
Undergraduate Diversity Liaison


Kip Fulbeck
Professor, Performative Studies/Video
Arts 2222


Colin Gardner
Professor, Integrative Studies/Critical Theory
Arts 2416


Lisa Jevbratt
Professor, Net Art/Interactive Media
Arts 2228


Alex Lukas
Assistant Professor, Print & Publication Arts
Graduate Advisor


Shana Moulton
Professor, (Video, Performance, Installation)
Graduate Advisor
Graduate Diversity Officer
Arts 2418


Jane Mulfinger
Professor, 3D/Spatial Studies
Arts 0643


Kim Yasuda
Professor, Sculpture/Spatial Arts
Department Diversity Liaison
Arts 0645



George Legrady
Media, Arts & Technology
Professor, Interactive Media
Elings Hall 2211


Marcos Novak
Media, Arts & Technology
Professor, Transarchitecture/Interactive Media
Elings Hall 2207


Marko Peljhan
Media, Arts & Technology
Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, Art/ Science/ Technology/ Performance/ Digital Media/ Space Art
Elings Hall 2205



Phillip Argent
Arts 1348


Eric Beltz
Arts 2636A


Helen Taschian
Visual Literacy
Arts 1320



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