Graduates 2007

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Mark Batongmalaque

Fine Arts

My life is actually really good. I did not have any harder a time or easier a time growing up than the majority of people in the country. My life has been adequately medium, in the grand scope of fantastic and tragic lives. I never really feared for my life. I graduated high school without worry of not doing so and without being considered to be valedictorian. I collect comic books. I go to a state run college, not at all an ivy league. I drive a working car without leather upholstery. I eat fast food. I work to buy things, but I never really struggled. I do my own laundry. I record shows off the TV. I have a favorite candy bar and it’s not imported from a foreign country. How are things with you? I am amoral and it is a Twix®.
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Jenn Figg

Fine Arts
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Tatiana Ginsberg

Fine Arts

Handmade Paper, Installation, Artists’ Books, Natural Dyes, etc.
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Michael Godwin

Fine Arts

Michael Godwin received his BA in Archaeology and Art History from Columbia University; after working as a Halloween product designer and prototyper in Oakland for several years he decided to pursue an MFA at UCSB. He spent his time here developing elaborate strategies for giving away his artwork for free and documenting the process with fancy digital interfaces. Recently he’s been developing a non-profit religious group, The Church of Drawing, to continue his mission of human betterment through drawing.

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Christine Gray

Fine Arts

In Christine Gray’s paintings, images of plants, animals, and other ‘natural’ commodities are positioned in empty fantasy landscapes. She represents landscape through several degrees of mediation (first through building modest micro-sculptures, then through painting.) Affectionate realism is utilized in the paintings in order to emphasize the constructed nature of each landscape model. The paintings function by passing themselves off as ‘the real’ while at the same time retaining their connection to the imagination and to the hand-made. This removal from the real reflects the prevalent contemporary anxiety toward not only so-called ‘nature’ but also toward ‘the real’ itself. Image: Cubist Lemming, 2006, 11.5" x 11.5" oil on panel.
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Terrence Handscomb

Fine Arts
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Anne-Marie Hansen

Fine Arts

Anne-Marie is an international student, who has an MA in digital media design from Designskolen Kolding, Denmark. During her design studies she collaborated with industrial design and architect students in order to develop concepts for interactive installations such as learning-, information- and playful environments. She did two internships in the Netherlands: One at STEIM (studio for electro-instrumental music), where she studied sound design and sensor mapping. One at Montevideo (Netherlands Media Art Institute), where she studied camera tracking and gesture recognition. She graduated from the design school in 2005 with a collaborative project – an interactive playground that encourages children in the age from 7-11 to play outside using their body. She received a Fulbright grant in order to continue her studies at the MFA program at UCSB, where she is exploring performance possibilities and audio/visual system designs in interactive environments.
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Billy Hood

Fine Arts


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Nichole Van Beek

Fine Arts

I disassemble and re-assemble images to extend the time spent mulling over the implications of their existence.
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