Graduates 2006

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Yumi Kinoshita

Mixed-media collages, video and installation

Yumi Kinoshita works mainly in mixed-media collages, video and installation. Her artwork is a reflection of everyday life and the activities that create one’s identity within society, intending to address the issues of consumer culture and structure. She collects and uses various kinds of printed ephemera that are no longer a part of the proper value structure under our capitalist society. The process evolves through the collection and appropriation of "postproduction" found materials and footage from the everyday world, questioning the discourse of representation. She received her MBA in Finance and MA in Art History from California State University, Fresno.
contact yumi at yumikinoshita dot com



Vanessa Janss


One recent project is made up of a dozens of poster pieces placed around drainage areas near the ocean. The posters – cartoon versions of the typical skull and crossbones made up of hearts – are supposed to draw the attention of passers by and make them take notice of drainages and what flows into them and eventually, the ocean.

contact vjanss at umail dot ucsb dot edu



R. Nelson Parrish


R. Nelson Parrish constructs the impication of a narrative through the implimentation of commerically commodified color. Appropriating this explicit language, Nelson uses the contextualized color to engage in themes of human experience: Desire, Nostolgia, Americana, Fame, etc. Nelson insists that his medium is color, and constantly blurring the boundaries between traditional disiplines.

contact rnelsonparrish at umail dot ucsb dot edu