Graduates 2004

Eric Beltz


Eric Beltz received his Master’s of Creative Science at UC Santa Barbara where he was a Regents Fellow. Pursuing our magical premodern attitudes, Beltz overlays the literature of ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, ecogeography, and art history to address questions regarding human interaction with and representation of nature and the wild. His current body of work is titled "Hypnobotany" – blending psychedelic imaging strategies and percipient-based creative logic, etc.,. Eric Beltz is co-editor of SiteStreet, a critical art issues journal.
contact eab at ericbeltz dot com



Eli Chaim Neugeboren


Eli Neugeboren has made many drawings from photographs he took while on airplanes. The end result are drawings that resemble maps, but are not maps; the process achieves clarity through reduction. Neugeboren’s obsessive style is informed by digital imaging techniques that can combine multiple images into one ‘false’ image that is received as ‘true.’ By this perceptual logic, the spaces in Neugeboren’s drawings are as real as the model in the fashion magazine and a 360º panoramic photograph. And by real we mean that they are fake, derived from real, hoping to spark a familiar association from the viewer, leading them down memory lane, out through flashback alley, and onto the nostalgia freeway. Cue sunset, roll credits, exeunt.

Mr. Neugeboren is currently creating exhibitions at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. His favorite breakfast food is a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a poppyseed roll, preferably made by one of those guys in a silver box on the corner of 14th St. and 6th Avenue, and he is very happy that the Boston Red Sox won a world Series before Colin’s football team won the European Cup.

contact eli_neugeboren at hotmail dot com



Theodore III Lyons


Over time ideological postures are eradicated by other positions held by those in power only to be replaced by something further which will eventually suffer the same fall. This evolution is endless. It is the very structure of rising and skidding to an eventual demise which fascinates Diran Lyons. The intriguing pleasure in between, like the unfolding of a dangerous act, reflects this process and simultaneously instigates a sublime sentiment that no documentation can translate in a completely sufficient manner. Such highlights certain margins of the effectiveness of representation and its intrinsic limitations.
contact yodiran at juno dot com



Vladimir Todorović

Video Game Art

Vladimir Todorovi&#263 is a media artist that traces and challenges military-industrial complexes, computers as political solutions, various mass-media manifestations, copyleft licensing, open source systems, computer music and positions of the individual in today’s society. His recent projects include: "Game Music" – a sound production environment created in the first person shooter video game Unreal Tournament 2004, "Capture the Artist" – a paintball tournament in an art gallery, "One and Five or Six Chairs" – a 5X5 nanometers nano-lithography fabricated at Veecco co, etc. His work has been shown at the following venues: Transmediale (Berlin/Germany), MusemsQuartier (Vienna/Austria), Machinista (Glasgow/Scotland), Santa Barbara Museum of Arts – Ridley Tree, Reality Zone, (Santa Barbara/California), SnackOnArt (Brooklyn/New York), Galerie für Zeitgenoessische Kunst (Leipzig/Germany), The First Chiangmai New Media Art Festival (Chiang Mai/Thailand), Dom Omladine, SKC (Belgrade/Serbia), Chaos & Communication (Sarajevo, BIH), Scotina (Greece), File 2004 (Sao Paolo/Brazil), International Festival of Electronic Art 404 (The Rosario City, Argentina), etc. It has been reviewed at, Artmagazine (Austria),, etc. He received numerous awards, grants, and stipends.
contact vladatodorovic at yahoo dot com