Patrick Gilbert – MFA 15′ and CCS fellow launches online exhibition with Epicenter Projects – San Andreas Fault-based residency

Patrick Gilbert – MFA 15′ and CCS fellow launches online exhibition with Epicenter Projects – San Andreas Fault-based residency


Epicenter Projects is pleased to announce our latest installment of online exhibitions:

Patrick Gilbert Divided Settlements – curated by Cristopher Cichocki. The Santa Barbara-based artist had guerilla-sculpted a series of large-scale living tumbleweeds into minimalist cubes during his residency with Epicenter Projects. Each tumbleweed sculpture was produced inside a specific parcel of undeveloped desert situated near the edge of the San Andreas Fault, and adjacent to a sprawling patchwork of strip malls and tract homes generated from hyper-development in recent years. The stark gesture of containing these tumbleweeds into precision-crafted cubes brings to mind the endless levels of structure within suburban uniformity and ordinance. However, the unruly nature of the tumbleweed brings forth an inherent resistance to such logic and control. “Divided Settlements” is an ephemeral examination of ecology and human intrusion that situates the shifting desert landscape in collision with the forced order of artificial development.

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Recent exhibitions by Patrick Gilbert include: Tropical Contemporary, Kesey Square, Eugene, OR, Antenna Gallery at Press St. 220, New Orleans, LA, Center for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto, Canada, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA, Art, Design, and Architecture Museum, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA, Napa Gallery, Cal State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA, Love Gallery, San Diego, CA, High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA




Epicenter Projects is a nomadic platform unbound from conventional exhibition spaces. Generated for artists working in time-based and site-specific modes of production, Epicenter Projects is a catalyst for contemporary artworks to experimentally emerge within a curated artist residency. Throughout the initial phase of projects, an international selection of contemporary artists will be invited to produce site-specific works alongside the San Andreas Fault Line; one of the largest fault zones in the world that spans throughout California’s desert and coastline regions. The San Andreas provides a contextual framework that inherently addresses the ephemeral nature of time, space and environment. While some projects may remain installed within their given site(s) for an audience to experience directly, many projects will exist as fleeting actions captured through an array of documentation: photography, video, audio recordings, publications and/or printed editions.Throughout 2015-2016 a definitive series of online solo exhibitions will individually showcase each artist’s project via

Filippo Minelli (Italy)
John Knuth (Los Angeles)
Luis G. Hernandez (Mexico)
Melissa Thorne (New York)
Jane Chang Mi (Los Angeles)
Olga Koumoundouros (Los Angeles)
Patrick Gilbert (Santa Barbara)
Richard Twedt (Coachella Valley)
Nicolas Shake  (Los Angeles)
Robert Seidel (Germany)
Anibal Catalan (Mexico)


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