Graduate student Shannon Willis participating in lecture at UCLA’s Art/Sci Center

Graduate student Shannon Willis participating in lecture at UCLA’s Art/Sci Center


The Femmes’ Video Art Festival is an annual event at The Situation Room, featuring short form videos that have been curated from over 300 submissions by female-identified artists from around the world. This year, over 60 videos were selected for screening at The Situation Room, so we are presenting them over 2 nights! The screenings each feature different videos, and run from 8-11pm. The Situation Room is an alternative project space in Eagle Rock CA, and is dedicated to providing programming, space, and resources to artists whose projects or needs are not easily met by traditional gallery spaces.

The program on April 30th is the second program, and features videos by:

Eugenia Barbuc (Los Angeles)
Jenn Berger (Los Angeles)
Blair Bogin (Chicago)
Catherine Cartwright (Boulder, CO)
Abigail Child (Manhattan)
Minkyung Choi (Los Angeles)
Kedzior Friedman and Barbara Glivanka (Toulouse, France)
Adrienne Rose Gionta (New York/Florida)
Tomorrow Girls Troop (Japan/Los Angeles)
Cindy Hinant (New York)
Andrea Huber (Los Angeles)
Michele Jaquis and Jeremy Quinn (Los Angeles)
Nina Lassila (Gothenburg/Berlin/Belgium)
Eden Mitsenmacher (London/Tel Aviv)
Rebecca Lavoie and Kim Maurice (Montreal/Chicago)
Marianne Magne (Los Angeles)
Rebecca Ora (Santa Cruz)
Itzia Pintado (Mexico City)
Bryne Rasmussen-Smith (Los Angeles)
Meike Redeker (Braunschweig)
Cindy Rehm (Los Angeles)
Ewa Surowiec (Poland)
Eija Temiseva (Espoo, Finland)
Vanessa Vox (Switzerland/France)
Kerrie Welsh (Santa Cruz, CA)
Shannon Willis (Oregon)
Elizabeth Wurst (Lima/Braunschweig)
Alisa Yang (Michigan)

The event will also be live streamed.

LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous)
following an interactive demo by Toni Dove
Thursday Apr 21st 2016
Presentation Room,
5th floor CNSI