Graduate Matthew Usinowicz opens exhibition in Australia; Teams up with graduate Matt Allison for LA Exhibition

Graduate Matthew Usinowicz opens exhibition in Australia; Teams up with graduate Matt Allison for LA Exhibition

The Fireman. 2016. Mixed media. 16 X 12 X 4 inches.


The Block Is Hot.
Exhibition at SEVENTH Gallery Melbourne, AUS.
On view until Oct. 14th

This body of work began with the formal and conceptual exploration of a simple mundane object – a button (or badge). This quickly evolved into a critique of current politics. In the United States we are currently in a presidential election year and for many Americans neither candidate seems to be a good choice. On one hand we a have maniac millionaire changing his political views as often as he changes his socks. He is a perfect example of a man from a family of extreme wealth, white-male privilege, an outdated, ignorant, and arrogant social and political belief system rooted from his privileged circumstance. On the other hand, we have a woman, which would be another epic symbol of political progression – electing the first woman president in US history. However, she is presumed to be in the pockets of big business and aside from being a political symbol for female equality, how much good will she really do for the country? We are currently living in a violent and divided country and it seems we are very close to complete chaos – about to boil over. There is a fire burning, politically, socially, and who or what is going to extinguish this fire?

Essay by Madeleine Russo here:


Root Division 2016 Art Auction.
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2016: VIP: 6:30 PM / EVENT: 7:30 – 10:00 PM

Collect art, support arts education, and be inspired by artists at Root Division’s largest annual fundraising event!

We are proud to feature an eclectic mix of high quality artwork from over 150 established and emerging Bay Area artists, many who have been partners of the organization’s growth over the past 13 years and including plenty of rising stars!

Proceeds directly benefit local artists, free art classes for Bay Area youth, and the continued success of Root Division’s unique model for keeping artists working at the heart of San Francisco.

1131 Mission Street (at 7th), San Francisco, CA 94103



LEFT: Matt Allison; Work from Comrades Collection 2011 to Present.
RIGHT: Matthew Usinowicz; Save Me Not. 2016. Mixed Media, 16 X 18 X 4 inches.


Hybrid Moments.
Exhibition at OMAS Gallery

OPENING November 5th 7 to 10 PM
On view Nov. 5th to Dec. 17th

11631 Santa Monica Blvd. LA, CA.

Hybrid Moments is an exhibition of mixed media sculpture that is the result of a collaborative exchange of ideas, initiated by a dialogue between the two artists about the subjectivity and objectivity of materials and objects. Allison’s disparate objects are paired together by matching their innate formal or functional attributes, and Usinowicz’s objects are abstracted to deconstruct and reconstruct their physical or conceptual significance. Each object then becomes a part of a hybrid relationship, existing momentarily to playfully juxtapose or connect with one another.


Extra Ties. A photocopies Zine (old school!) available, along with other custom works, at


Sea Farm City.

For the past year I have been fortunate to work and collaborate with some of my favorite people – Matt, Katie, & Jaxson Allison, creators of Sea Farm City.

The artists we feature have bills to pay, just like everyone else. In 2016, it’s exceptionally rare for an artist to support themselves on their studio practice exclusively. Contemporary artists are most often required to professionally diversify themselves and take on several gigs to make ends meet. At SFC, our goal is to develop a market based on what naturally comes out of our artist’s studios. Every object/ edition we sell on SFC has a direct relationship with their creative practice. We believe in the way artists influence and shape culture and are dedicated to supporting them. We invite you to do the same.

Extra Ties. zine available along with other custom works.