Facilities Access


During scheduled open hours, the Art Department’s digital labs and work spaces are available to all Art Department majors, minors, grads, faculty, and staff and to students currently enrolled in art classes. All other use must be pre-approved by authorized faculty and staff. Approved users with active access codes may use the space responsibly outside of open hours.


Your code should be treated just as if you were given a physical key, which means: DON’T GIVE IT TO ANYONE! For safety and security, never divulge your personal access code!




​I understand and agree that:


  • Should any damage or loss of equipment occur in the area, users whose codes were used to access the studio at the time the problem occurred will be investigated.


  • Users with access codes are forbidden to give their code to anyone else for any reason and should endeavor to keep their code private. A user may be held responsible for any damage, cost of loss or abuse the room suffers due to the use of their code by any unauthorized person. If others use your code, or any there’s any infraction of these terms, your access is immediately revoked to all spaces while under review.


  • While in the space, especially for security and safety reasons, DO NOT open the door to ANYONE for ANY reason nor ask anyone to do the same for you. All authorized users will have their own access codes that they must use to gain access. If for some reason a user’s code does not work or a user forgets his or her code, the user should contact the staff.


  • Access code holders may use the area for which they have been granted an access code at any time other than times as posted outside the space for classes and maintenance; access will be denied to all users during these times. Areas may also be closed at other times as needed to correct problems. Notice will be posted on the door in this event, and the space will be reopened as soon as possible.


  • Do not attempt to correct technical or facility problems yourself. Unless you are otherwise directed, report any problems to your instructor and the appropriate staff on duty. If no instructor or staff is present, email a description of the problem to ​labs@arts.ucsb.edu. Include room number, a detailed description of the problem, and the date and time the problem occurred.


  • Visitors to the space are your direct responsibility, need to be informed of the rules, and must be supervised at all times.